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Our philosophy

The purpose of TicketCo is to provide you as an organiser with a full overview of your event. We therefore do not charge fixed fees, nor do we have any hidden costs. All you pay is a small percentage of your transactions.

Our ambition is to be the best product on the market, with the best terms and conditions. For this reason, all new TicketCo customers receive a free iZettle terminal, which is seamlessly integrated with our system and, when connected to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, ensures trouble-free physical sales. The costs of using iZettle are included in TicketCo's price plan (see below) and no extra payments are made to iZettle.

The keywords we abide by are quality, user-friendliness and transparency. We want to deliver as much added value as possible to you as a customer and ensure that you always know how much you'll pay for the services we provide.


When choosing a ticket provider, you are also choosing someone who manages your money. At TicketCo, your money is securely stored in our DNB client account. It will be stored there untouched until your event is concluded. In special cases, on-account transfers can be agreed on.


Our price plan

The table below shows what fixed charges and percentage of transactions TicketCo takes for organising your ticket sales. As an organiser, you can decide whether these costs will be added to your ticket prices (and thereby be covered by the ticket buyer) or whether they are to be included in the ticket price and thereby covered by you as organiser.

TicketCo price plan UK = TBA. Sign up for updates by using the link below.

Note that the prices do not include VAT and that VAT may have to be paid on ticket fees in some cases. 

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