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About us

TicketCo på Natt Jazz i Bergen


The vision for the ticket company TicketCo can be summarised in three words: Events Made Easy. The company’s goal is to make ticket buying easier for organisers and the general public. By using innovative technology, TicketCo is changing the world of tickets, not just nationally, but internationally. The key is self-service and mobile ticket solutions that eliminate time-consuming registration processes, costly ticket printing and verification equipment. In addition, sales data is continuously generated, making it easy to measure and optimise measures to increase sales.

Seamless integration with both online payment solutions and the organisers’ calendar functions on websites and Facebook is another competitive advantage, making TicketCo very user-friendly. For larger organisers, TicketCo can deliver integration technology enabling communication with third-party technology, ensuring maximum automation and effective processes.

TicketCo was founded by Kåre Bottolfsen (pictured left), Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg (pictured right) and Hogne Sandanger in 2011 and launched in the market in January 2013. In addition to innovative technology and continual product development to keep pace with changing customer needs, the company has focused on putting together a highly skilled team.

In the spring of 2013, Jacob Lund and Itslearning entrepreneur Helge Hannisdal became co-owners, and in 2014 they were followed by the media group Amedia AS, which has stated that it considers the investment in TicketCo to be strategically important for the generation of added value for its 70 local newspapers in Norway. Hannisdal’s partner from Itslearning, Jan Åge Skaathun, has also joined the company, resulting in strong ownership and a competent team ready to launch this Norwegian IT company into international markets.

TicketCo is a rapidly growing company with scalable technology. In the autumn of 2015, the company received Deloitte’s ‘rising star’ award in recognition of its uncompromising focus on user-friendly solutions, and in the spring of 2016, the team will be further expanded in view of the international launch scheduled for  the autumn. Countries being considered are Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden, where TicketCo already has gained a foothold through a cooperation agreement with iZettle.